How To Market Your Property

If this is your first time trying to sell your house on your own, or if your current approaches haven’t yielded any potential buyers (much less offers), you’ll probably want to consider a different method to your marketing.  Read on for tips to help you get the results you want..

Online Marketing Services

Online marketing services (like Realbird.Com) provide you with an easy way to build a website advertising your property. You’ll want to create a single property page, which will serve as the home base for your marketing.  Another bonus to this service: you drive traffic to the site through the use of links and syndication portals (like Trulia).  These are big-time sites for house hunters,  and you’ll instantly get more eyeballs on your property this way.

Craigslist And Kijiji

As you may know, Craigslist & Kijiji aren’t new tools for folks who are trying to sell homes by owner. But how do you ensure that your house stands out from the stack of other homes that you’ll be competing with, hoping to have new residents?

  • Write a strong headline
  • Consider your home’s greatest feature and include that in the headline.
  • Make sure you have pictures.
  • Link up any videos you have of the property.

A good alternative to Craigslist or Kijiji is Backpage. It doesn’t have quite as many daily visitors as the other two sites, but plenty of people hit up Backpage to check out the real estate listings—plus, you only have to write your ad one time and it will automatically repost for a small fee.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are notorious for popping up on your profile sidebar, and they attract plenty of attention. If you can make a simple Facebook page, you have the skills it takes to create a Facebook Ad in just a few minutes.  Owners who wonder can I sell my home? might also be wondering why bother setting up a Facebook ad? Here’s why:

Almost everybody, everywhere, has a Facebook profile, so the potential to get eyeballs on your property is huge. You can also choose to narrow down your ad to a target the demographic you think would be most interested in buying your house..”


We use search engines for everything, from finding recipes to finding a digital recording of that obscure cassette tape you listened to in junior high school.  This means we use search engines to find our next home, too.  Paid Google Ads featuring your property are a simple, fast, and affordable way to get your home noticed by online house hunters.


Compared to the other ways we’ve just mentioned, putting an ad in the paper is one of the more expensive ways to market your home. To make sure you’ve got your money’s worth out of the ad, consider adding more to the text than just a photo and short description. Include a link to your website or videos to let potential buyers see more of the house than a typical print classified would allow.
These are just some ways to generate more views, visitors, and offers on your house in today’s market.  If you’re not tech-savvy, no worries—we can help you with that part.

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