Lethbridge College - A Great Place To Study

Lethbridge College is a wise investment for students and their families. The College offers more than fifty nationally accredited programs of study in vocational technology, apprenticeship training as well as more traditional college majors in fields like journalism, psychology, and education.

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The College awards certificates and bachelor’s degrees to its four thousand students upon completion of program requirements.

In order to prepare students for the world outside of academia, courses are intended to be as hands-on as possible or as seen as relevant for the field of study.

The campus facilities are state-of-the art, which is both rare and impressive for a smaller school. The Cousins Science Centre underwent major renovations in 2007 and includes a research-grade laboratory for undergraduate student use.

The SPHERE—Simulated Patient Health Environment for Research and Education—exists to allow students seeking employment in the medical field practical experiences in preparation for real-life scenarios for nursing and EMT majors, especially.

More Than A Place To Study

Located in southern Alberta, Lethbridge avoids the typical Canadian winter scene with its short, mild winters.

Lethbridge is home to more than one hundred parks available for resident and student use.  Finding outdoor and athletic recreation spots is easy: a nature center, Japanese garden, swimming pool, corn maze, indoor soccer, and indoor skating facilities are just a few of the ways Lethbridge locals recreate.

Students who are looking for social spots won’t have a problem in their search; Lethbridge is southern Alberta’s third largest city and comes complete with pubs, live music venues, lounges, clubs, and a wide choice of restaurants and coffee shops.

Culturally-minded young people will appreciate the Bowman Arts Centre and the Southern Alberta Art Gallery (SAAG), which makes their home right in downtown Lethbridge. There are several national historic sites within driving distance, such as Fort Whoop Up, and outdoor wonders like the Okotok Erratic. The nearby Enmax Centre draws big-name acts for its concert series.

Lethbridge Real Estate

It can go without saying that living in Lethbridge is great for college students. Unlike some other places, the city of Lethbridge appreciates its college students. College students are encouraged to participate in local events, clubs, and associations. Many merchants offer discounts to students who support shopping locally. Students can find affordable off-campus housing; the average two-bedroom rental goes for around $675 per month.

Lethbridge College students won’t need to bring their cars with them to campus—they can go green and use Lethbridge Transit, which will bring them straight into the highlights of the city.

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