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On Motivated Sellers

I know two things about you right off the bat:
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While you’ve been scouring day & night on-line & through the classifieds for your next property, you’ve probably come across the term motivated seller.  Obviously, that means the seller really wants to move their property.

Traditionally, once someone has made the decision to sell, they want to move the property as quickly as they can for as much profit as possible. However, because of job transfers, life circumstances, and financial issues, there are more owners out there who are more inclined and willing to make a deal. There are some definite benefits if you can find and buy a home from a motivated seller.

What’s in it for you?

In addition to possibly paying less for the house, one major advantage of buying a home from a someone who is motivated to sell is your own profit. This kind of advantage comes later on down the line, as in when you sell the home yourself in a few years. 

This is how it works:  the current owner may accept a bid that comes in well under market value if the offer comes in at the right time. Now you’re set up for instant equity and have a strong chance of making a decent profit when you eventually sell.

How do you find one?

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There’s a lot of real estate out on the Lethbridge market, which means there are usually many motivated sellers.  Here’s some ways you can find one:

  • Check the local multiple listing service for certain words that alert you to a motivated seller, like ”vacant, ”reduced price,” ”pre-foreclosure,” or ”make an offer!”
  • Create a list of properties with price reductions and keep an eye on those listings. How frequently are they dropping the price, and by how much?
  • Look to see how many days a house has been on the market.  You have a much better chance of getting a deal on a house that has been on the market for 180 days or longer versus one that was just listed last week.

It’s pretty easy to create your own searches for finding homes to buy from motivated sellers. But it’s even easier for me to set one up for you. Click here if you are interested in having me help you find a home to buy.

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