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Interested in Lethbridge real estate? Want to buy or sell a home in Lethbridge, Alberta? You've come to the right place. Associate broker Jeff van de Bennet who knows the local Lethbridge real estate market like no one else and is here to help.

Jeff has two passions in life:

  • being able to help a fellow human being.
  • real estate, of course!

This is what Jeff can do for you:

  • sell residential, acreage, condominium, multi family, commercial and investment properties.
  • help you find the home you're looking for.
  • assist and advise you with new home construction.

Jeff uses the unique "Lethbridge Property Alert" system, a proven way to find the homes that match your criteria.

And if you consider selling your property, ask for Jeff's free Home Evaluation System. It will help you establish your property's current market value. Fair and easy.

So why hire Jeff van de Bennet as your Lethbridge real estate agent?

  • You get a reliable service.

Unlike other agents, Jeff responds to emails, returns calls and shows up for appointments.

  • You are sure to get the best price.

Jeff's a shrewd and seasoned negotiator. Whether your selling or buying, Jeff goes the extra mile to help you get the best value, as fast as possible.

  • Your wishes are respected.

Jeff doesn't push you to buy or sell something when you're not comfortable with it.

  • You will get honest advice from an experienced, full time professional.

Even if it's not what you want to hear, Jeff tells it like it is.

This real estate website is your number one resource for selling or finding a home in Lethbridge, Alberta.

And there's more. You will also find useful information about buying foreclosures, all that's important when you've never bought a home before and why Lethbridge is such an interesting location. It's not only a vibrant city with everything you could wish for, but it also has a healthy and highly interesting property market.

So what to do next? Browse the site, get solid advice, search property listings and subscribe to the mailing list.

Questions? Contact Jeff today.

Did I Ox You?

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Jeff van de Bennet, realtor in Lethbridge

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